training_germanshepard2Most of the time, a trained dog is merely a faithful, loving, and well behaved member of your household. Perhaps the most important contribution he makes is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that he is on duty while you and your family go about your daily routine. At Elite K-9 Kennels we not only encourage responsible dog ownership, but our dogs are produced with the ability to be successfully trained. As a separate service we offer training programs geared towards achieving results that are sound and enhance the quality of life for any pet owner and all those affiliated with the pet.

Our kennels are staffed with the highest skilled professionals, who have been trained to help and identify each dog’s personal needs in order to obtain results. We have trained numerous dogs to the highest level of the world U.S.A team in Shutzhund, to local and State police, all the way to your average family looking for an obedient pet. Our kennel produces the top working/protection Pitbulls, in the country. Our dogs are lovingly home/family raised and socialized for tremendous attitude, excellent temperament, super trainability and that special people pleasing personality. Our main objective is to produce the most social, obedient, well behaved dogs anyone has ever seen.


These are some areas Elite K-9 specializes in:training_germanshepard1

  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Home security/ Personal Protection
  • AKC Obedience, Schutzhund Training, Narcotics and Patrol Dogs
  • Guard Dog Training
  • Good Citizen Testing


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301712_2177205522472_4955706_nOur Elite K-9 Facility trains dogs Domestic, and also internationally. Elite K-9 specializes in Pitbulls, German Shepherds, and Belgium Malinois. Our Elite trainer’s passion for training dogs is what sets us apart from any Training facility. Whatever your needs may be, from a new Police K9 to a Home protection dog to protect you and your family, we have the experience and training to place you with the right K-9. Every dog is handpicked by one of our Master Trainers. This is more than a job it’s a lifestyle. Welcome to our World…

At Elite K-9 we offer in kennel training to locally, domestically and internationally based dogs. This is a great way to see fast results and an excellent option for busy professionals. Your dog will stay in our premium kennel in southern NH and receive daily personalized training in the areas he/she needs most, like obedience, specialized training, behavior modification, or just an overall tune-up during his vacation at Elite K-9 Kennels. You will also receive a free private lesson upon completion to transition your dog’s new skills to you and show you how to maintain training at home. We recommend continued participation in group or private lessons so your dog’s skills remain sharp.

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