Age:  4 yrs

Height:  16″

Weight:  80lbs

Line:  Elite

Elite Heartthrob is our new foundation female. She is a 4 year old female that is a Daughter of our recently retired Elite Sadie. Elite Heartthrob is the love of our yard, sheis a naturally protective girl and has the working drive to bring to our program. Elite Heartthrob is the ultimate blue nose pit bull, her structure is unmatched!!! This girl is GREAT with the kids and proves to be another top producing pit bull here at Elite K-9 Kennels!!! If your looking for solid blue working bullies then look no further…..


Age:  4 yr

Height:  18″

Weight:  70lbs

Line:  Elite

Elite Deja is our newest additiion to our family. She is a Sadie daughter, and she is a picture perfect blue nosed pitbull. She is identical to her mom she has great prey drive, and excells in protection work. We are very excited to have such a great female in our yard to pick up where her mom left off. She is a rock solid 70 lbs and has just a perfect head, and bone structure. This is what elite K-9 kennels has been looking forward to a true bully working pitbull.



Height:  17″

Weight:  71lbs

Line:  Elite

Sadie has been retired. She has it all from temperament to drive with the will to protect her home and family. Sadie is a 2x Ceasar offspring and her pedigree consists of the late Notorious Juan Gotti with 2xs certified Black Shaq on the bottom, Greylines best.

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